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HP developes first E-waste recyling plant in East Africa | The Star

The East Africa Compliant Recycling was designed as a scalable model for e-waste recycling. It was established in Mombasa in October 2011 as a pilot project with funding from HP.

The EACR was the first facility of its kind in East Africa to test a practical approach to e-waste recycling.

The objectives were to:

• Analyse and measure volumes of e-waste returned

• Establish the process to safely separate the products into parts

• Identify facilities and markets to process all the resulting dismantled materials

Since beginning official operations, the EACR remains the only recycling facility in Kenya to accept, dismantle and separate all e-waste components, not just the valuable resources.

Plastics, glass, batteries - everything - are all disposed in accordance with the highest international criteria while generating local income and employment opportunities.

(Via: prepaidafrica)

(Via: prepaidafrica)

In the long and short distance track races, there is a runner whose job isn’t to finish the race. His job is to lead and ensure athletes run at an acceptable speed, and time, if they are to break a record. This athlete is a called a pacesetter, or a ‘rabbit.’ Martin Keino (son of two-time Olympic Gold winner Kipchoge Keino) was a professional ‘rabbit’ for over 10 years helping various marathoners achieve seven world records during his career. He paced for renowned athletes like Kenenisa Bekele, Daniel Komen and Haile Gebrselassie. Now he runs a small sports marketing firm that does sports event management, sports personality management and marketing, sports PR and Tourism, rights and endorsement management and lifestyle management. On top of that, he hosts a television show, writes a weekly sports column and sits at the head of the table of the Youth Fund. In short? A man burning the candle from both ends.

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